Ask Yourself: What is Your Time Worth?

Tips & TutorialsAsk Yourself: What is Your Time Worth?

Ask Yourself: What is Your Time Worth?

What is your time really worth? If you have a full time job, this may be an important question to ask yourself, and hopefully you’re getting paid what you put into it. If you’re looking for a job, this question begs an answer as it can assist you in your search. Perhaps you’re qualified for a job that looks fun but doesn’t pay you enough to enjoy your free time. Perhaps it pays very well but doesn’t leave you free time at all.
The best answer is to find a balance with a paycheck that you’re satisfied with. Obviously the ideal situation is to somehow be fulfilled, rich, and have infinite flexibility in your schedule at the same time. Do not waste time thinking about the “ideal” anything. Focus on knowing what your time is truly worth, attaining a flexible amount of work at that pay level and then having the option to either enjoy your free time, or use it to alter your paychecks as the need arises.

I know what I want my time to be worth

I know what I want my time to be worth, but how much is it really worth? This is based on several factors – and yes, one of them includes what you think your time is worth. More relevant factors however are what you’re currently being paid, employment and salary history and others. Use the following link to answer a few questions (it takes 5 minutes at most) and you will figure out what your time is worth in the currency of your choice.
What’s Your Time Worth Link
One of the most important things the report will tell you is based on your perceived hour to value ratio. Maybe it’s a smart idea for you to take on some part time work. Maybe you need to work less! Maybe you need to adjust your expectations, or even learn new skills on the side to advance a career you like.
The most interesting thing about the article isn’t the result; it’s the idea that your free time is an asset too. It’s something that can be utilized as you wish to improve your life. But if your goal is to earn money in your spare time to offset for a job you like, or (unfortunately) one that doesn’t pay you enough, why is another job a good solution? Sure, learning new skills is worthwhile too but it doesn’t pay the bills, and sometimes the bills need paying quickly.

Alvexo is an excellent way to start earning money

Why not learn and earn at the same time? Be paid for your progress? It’s a pipedream for most people, but if you have an interest in personal finance and the will to do so, trading investment assets is the perfect solution. Freelancing requires you to sit for a certain period of time until your work is done, but trading options allows you to set your own hours and be paid on the same day.
There are also tax benefits. Your gains from successful trades will most likely be taxed at a much lower rate than a regular pay cheque. Plus, it’s fun! Being able to pay attention to market news, scrutinize what way you think it will affect the markets and act on those beliefs gives self-confidence and fulfillment.
Alvexo is an excellent way to start earning money and learning an extremely valuable skill at the same time. Members have access to countless video tutorials outlining strategies from beginner-level trades to professional tactics. You can trade in a demo account with faux capital to see what kinds of trades work for you, and then progress to a real account.
Soon your daily schedule will change. You can go to work, browse world news, get some ideas and let them marinate while you work your normal job. At your leisure you can set your positions and loss or profit ceilings, enabling you to set aside the market and concentrate on your job. If you succeed you’ll come home to a bigger investment portfolio! Alternatively, you can just do this all from home in an hour, and wake up to profits the following morning. Another great thing about trading options on currencies or commodities is the ability to trade 24/7.
Certainly, your free time is valuable. But when given the choice between learning something about the world’s markets and profitably acting on it, or sitting in front of the TV with a snack… which would you choose? Dedicated traders have been known to use that one hour so well that they slowly tapered off their real jobs. Soon they were part time, and soon they were outright day-trading, being their own boss.
The point is that we don’t need to look through the lens of employment in order to think about the value of free time. Trading investment assets is just one of many examples of productive, fun and profitable free-time activities to indulge in at your leisure.