Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock: Waking Up to a Cup

Tips & TutorialsCoffee-Brewing Alarm Clock: Waking Up to a Cup

Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock: Waking Up to a Cup

Finally – An Alarm Clock that Makes Coffee for You

In our fast-paced world, it seems like everyone is always looking for ways to save time, streamline processes, and get going faster. But amidst all of the suggested life hacks and timesavers comes something new that just might be the most useful idea yet—a coffee-brewing alarm clock.

The Barisieur Alarm Clock

It seems like something out of a futuristic movie, but believe it or not, an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of fresh coffee is on its way to the masses (video below). That means instead of wasting time making your own cup of Joe in the morning, you can literally wake up and smell the coffee with a fresh pot brewed to perfection right when you are set to get up. Think of it as your own personal barista—it’s the perfect thing to get you excited about getting out of bed in the morning.
Designed by London-based Josh Renouf, The Barisieur is a sleek automatic coffee and tea maker that combines innovative technology with classic coffee maker attributes for a device that is equally stylish and functional. Simply set your alarm the night before, fill the machine with your favorite coffee grounds and water, and wake up to the smell of perfectly brewed coffee.

A Gentle Way to Start the Day

Research has shown that gently stimulating the senses leads to a better awakening process and a happier and more productive day. The designers want to ease users into the day with something pleasant instead of the stark sounds of a traditional alarm, which is why they made The Barisieur to reach all five senses—the smell of the coffee, the sound of the water bubbling, the eye-pleasing modern design of the machine, the delicious taste of freshly made coffee, and touch that is right in reach. The idea is that the motion and smell of the machine, combined with the alarm clock, will wake users in a gentle and calming manner.

Innovative Machine Features

Renouf thought of everything, including a cooling area to store a small vial of milk, sealed sections for coffee grounds, and even a USB drive in the base of the machine so you can charge your phone while sleeping. The Barisieur uses induction heating for maximum safety and efficiency. Think of it as a big science experiment—users fill the water container the night before, and then at the appointed time, the induction heating system kicks in to boil the water and move it up a tube to the coffee filter next door. The water then pools with the coffee grounds in the filter and delivers a perfect cup of tea or coffee in less than five minutes. Users can even set what time they want the coffee to be ready, such as right when they’re alarm goes off, or slightly before or after.

Crowd-Funding Towards Success

The Barisieur isn’t in full production yet, and there’s still a chance to get involved early. With a few weeks still left of its Kickstarter campaign, The Barisieur has raised around half of its $550,000 goal. Contributors of certain levels will receive perks, including the ability to purchase The Barisieur at a special price when it ships next year. The company hopes to use the money raised from Kickstarter to help with manufacturing and shipping costs, which can be high when producing such a detailed and high-quality product. The Barisieur has already gained lots of attention and global media traction, and it is easy to believe the machine will be popping up in hotels, offices, and homes around the world within the next few years.
The future is here, and it smells great! With The Barisieur, you can start your day off right while still maximizing your time. It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee.