7 Great Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Tips & Tutorials7 Great Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

7 Great Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Many people open LinkedIn accounts hoping to improve their chances of landing a job. However, very few users understand the immense impact that small improvements in their LinkedIn profile can bring in terms of reaching prospective employers and creating a good impression on them.
Two major factors play a role in improving the performance of your LinkedIn presence. First is your profile’s search engine ranking, and second is the image your profile portrays to your audience. Use the following tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile in both ways:

  1. Use Keywords in Your Profile Url

Default LinkedIn profile links contain random numbers and letters that are not readily discernible to search engines. Fortunately, you can modify the link to your profile so that it is included in the algorithm of search engines whenever a person keys in a relevant term in your area of specialization.
To customize your link url, go to profile settings and click on “customize your public profile URL”. Delete all the irrelevant characters at the end of the “http:www.linkedin.com/in/” tag and replace them with your name and profession if possible. For example, if your name is Amanda Jane and you are a media consultant, a suitable URL for your profile should look something close to this: www.linkedin.com/in/amandajanemediaconsultant

  1. Use an Appropriate Profile Picture

LinkedIn allows you to upload any picture of yourself to your profile but there some kinds of pictures that might not make a positive impression on potential employers. Whatever attire you wear for the camera, ensure it fits the type of job that you are looking for. The photo should be a headshot with your face filling the majority of the image’s dimensions.  Studies on online profiles have also shown that profile pictures that have smiling faces tend to look more inviting than those taken with serious or dull faces.
In addition, ensure that the picture quality is sharp and crisp, not blurred. Hi-res photos (with a higher pixel count) are generally sharper than images with low pixel count. Note, however that LinkedIn limits the image’s dimensions to a maximum of 4000 pixels (length and width) and will refuse to upload your picture if it exceeds this limit.

  1. Write Posts Regularly

Frequent posting of articles about your profession will not only improve your search engine ranking, but also indicates to your profile viewers that you are passionate about what you do. You can write about anything so long as it is related to your field. The notion that you have to publish long LinkedIn posts is misplaced: you don’t have to spend too much time writing a long article. Just carve out something which viewers will find valuable and interesting.

  1. Expand Your Network

The more people you connect with on LinkedIn, the higher your chances of being seen by employers as well as creating a good impression. If there’s anybody you have met or worked with before, add them to your network.
Make sure, however, that the person at the other end will accept your invitation before you click send, because you might be subjected to a temporary ban if they reject your request. If you think that the person may have forgotten about you, describe how you know each other in detail to jog their memory.

  1. Seek Endorsements and Recommendations

Profiles with good recommendations and endorsements bear the element of trust, and therefore tend to get more views and make a better impression. Ask people you have worked with to endorse and recommend you, and return the favor.

  1. Complete Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a resume in itself. Therefore, invest the same time and effort you would for any other document relating to seeking a job.. Ensure that all sections of the profile are filled out with the appropriate information. Remember to use keywords in your summaries as these will catch the eye of the person looking to fill a position..

  1. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

Research shows that for every group a person participates in on LinkedIn, their profile views increase by up to five times. Therefore, join as many relevant groups as you can and participate in their activities. Doing so will enable you to interact more with people that may provide you with leads, especially if the group contains people with whom you share the same interests.
These tips can help you not only improve the ranking of your LinkedIn profile on search engines but also create a positive impression on employers viewing your profile.