What’s Changing with Apple’s iPhone 7?

TechWhat's Changing with Apple's iPhone 7?

What’s Changing with Apple’s iPhone 7?

Do you remember the first time you saw an iPhone? It probably stands out because the original was unlike any other technology at the time—in fact, it was in a class all its own. In the near decade since the first iPhone was born, Apple has announced regular upgrades and changes, but the company has come under fire recently for not changing things as drastically as some users and pundits think they should. But after you’ve created something as radical as a smartphone, it makes sense that the next variations are just fine-tuning the specifics instead of remaking it entirely. After all: if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
However, news of the iPhone 7 announcement coming this fall show that the phone might actually be a bold step for Apple, or at least bolder than anything the company has presented in recent years. Apple is notoriously closed-mouth about its upcoming technology, but check out these leaked improvements in the new iPhone 7:

Cosmetic Changes

Early reports show body cases coming out of China that look very similar to the popular sleek, aluminum style announced with the iPhone 6 and 6s, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 will be a carbon copy of the past. For instance, for the first time since 2013’s iPhone 5S, Apple will offer a phone in its chic and classic “Space Black” finish.
This color, available on the very first iPhone was notoriously despised by Tim Cook due to its predisposition to show faults in the case manufacture, illustrating that Apple may have improved its processes further. The iPhone 7 will also be available in two sizes, similar to past models.

Storage Update

iPhone 7 users may have different options for storage, as Apple is reportedly getting rid of the 64GB storage option it has had in previous models. The basic storage level will now be a very usable 32GB, with upgraded options available for 128GB and the upscale 256GB for serious users. This is a great move away from the old 16GB version, which many users report simply wasn’t enough storage. Especially with the concurrent ability to shoot 4k video – the phone could fill itself in minutes. With the new storage options, many users will be comfortable with the base level but can also upgrade to larger capacities.
As it has with past upgrades, Apple will reportedly double the processing power with the iPhone 7. This also includes a greater memory function to withstand better power usage and graphics performance, while also supporting a better Apple Pay and Touch ID.

Better Camera

One of the consistently good upgrades from Apple has been the improvement of its camera. Think of how far things have come in just the last few iPhone iterations. For the iPhone 7, Apple will apparently add dual camera sensors for a faster, sharper, and more accurate picture. Dual lenses typically include a wider lens and a 3x zoom lens, which means users can switch between the two lenses depending on the picture they are taking, creating a crisper image without having to use the digital zoom feature, which can make picture grainy. Apple has acquired companies over the last few years to help with its camera technology and integration, and the iPhone 7 could be where it all comes together. The camera will also reportedly be flush with the surface on the back of the phone, something that hasn’t happened since the iPhone 5.

Improved 3D Touch

With the announcement of 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 6, Apple potentially changed how we interact with smartphones. Instead of simply clicking on something, 3D Touch uses incredibly accurate sensors and smart technology to allow users to peek, preview, or change screens depending on the strength of their touch. The iPhone 7 is expected to take 3D touch to a new level with more features, options, and a more responsive sensor.

No Headphone Jack

Say goodbye to tangled headphones! One of the more surprising leaks is that Apple has apparently gotten rid of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, which could be a tough sell for many users. The alternative could be either using wireless Bluetooth audio or Lightning audio, which both provide huge improvements over the current headphone system by providing clearer and more dependable sound, but that also means many people will have to purchase new headphones. There are also reports that Apple is creating Lightning-equipped earbuds to go with the new phone. Removing the headphone jack serve a number of purposes, including allowing the phone to be made thinner and making it more water resistant.
As with all major tech announcements, time will tell if the leaks and rumors about the iPhone 7 are true. Apple plans to announce the new phone in the fall of 2016, and if there’s one constant in the mobile tech world, it’s that the phone will fly off shelves—no matter how different it is.