Hot Gadgets: A HoverSeat, a 10-Second Toothbrush and Auto-editing Video

TechHot Gadgets: A HoverSeat, a 10-Second Toothbrush and Auto-editing Video

Hot Gadgets: A HoverSeat, a 10-Second Toothbrush and Auto-editing Video

In our world of constant innovation, trained engineers and everyday inventors are constantly coming up with new answers to long-time problems, and sometimes to problems we didn’t even know we had. Thanks to crowdfunding, potential customers can get involved in a product or company from the first steps and become early adopters, and start-ups can use the opportunity to build relationships and get early feedback about their products. There are so many new gadgets looking for funding that it can be difficult to know where to look, but we’ve narrowed it down to three of the newest progressive products. Check out three of the hottest crowdfunding gadgets below.

Frodo, the Self-Editing Video Camera

When you’re on an adventure, there’s no time to sit down and edit video. That’s where Frodo comes in—it’s a camera that edits its own footage. Frodo is an action camera that can withstand just about anything, from water to high temperatures, extreme cold and everything in between. It comes on a watchband that can be strapped to all kinds of objects, such as helmets, bikes, sticks, and more. Frodo is everything you’d want in an adventure camera—HD video, a wide 120-degree lens, and six-axis motion sensors to steady images, but it does more than anything that’s currently on the market.
After you’re done filming your adventures, Frodo uses an algorithm to find the best and most important video moments and automatically cuts it down. There are five editing “filters” to choose from to meet the needs of your project. Action and calm mode detect clips with the most movement and puts them together—if you’re having a big adventure like biking or hiking, it will edit together the parts with the most movement, while a calmer adventure like floating or flying will clip together pieces with the least amount of movement. If you’re big on Instagram, the 15-second mode creates videos that are perfect for the site. You can also choose the people mode that focuses on faces or the genius mode to do a basic edit of your footage.
Frodo’s smart technology helps the camera learn your editing styles as you film more events, which helps create videos that perfectly reflect your style and personality. Frodo also makes it much easier to share videos on social media by doing everything on a mobile device instead of requiring a computer to edit and upload footage.
The India-based Frodo team successfully raised 123% of its goal on an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, which puts the camera on track to start shipping in November. Initial funding was so popular that the first batch of cameras is essentially sold out.

HoverSeat, the Safer Hoverboard

Hoverboards were everywhere a few months ago, but things quickly took a dive when they started having safety issues. Now one start-up has found a way to make hoverboards safe, useful, and fun. The HoverSeat is a frame that attaches to a hoverboard and allows users to sit down while they ride. From the beach to assisted living, there are lots of uses for a HoverSeat.
It only takes a few seconds to attach the lightweight metal HoverSeat frame to your hoverboard. From there, simply put the lawn chair of your choice on top and get riding. The HoverSeat is driven and steered using your feet, just like a typical hoverboard, but optional handles are available, which can make it easier for kids or the elderly to drive. HoverSeat can be driven on nearly any surface and even allows for objects or other riders to be towed behind, which means the transportation functions are nearly endless, whether it’s a quick trip to the beach or a way for an elderly patient to get around the house.
HoverSeat just started a Kickstarter campaign and hopes to start production towards the end of the summer. It still has a ways to go to reach its $90,000 goal and bring comfortable, safe, and fun transportation to the masses.

GlareSmile, the Quick and Effective Toothbrush

Dentists preach the importance of brushing your teeth multiple times a day, but that can take up precious time. Plus, most patients don’t brush their teeth with the right toothbrush or the proper technique, which can lead to major dental issues.
GlareSmile was created by an Italian dentist to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of tooth brushing. With a unique design, it is the first fully automatic electric toothbrush and guarantees correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds. GlareSmile is different from traditional electric toothbrushes because it uses three brushes at the same time to reach every part of the tooth. The brushes rotate when the toothbrush is turned on, which means all users have to do is slide the brush along their teeth for a deep clean in just 10 seconds. With GlareSmile, you don’t have to waste time brushing or worry about bad technique—it takes the worry and risk for error out of the equation.
GlareSmile takes advantage of the newest technology to revolutionize the brushing experience: it has four brushing modes that can be chosen from its touchscreen handle. When the toothbrush is turned off, UV LED automatically turns on to disinfect the bristles and keep your teeth cleaner and healthier for longer. Users can even use an app to measure their brushing trends and statistics.
GlareSmile recently funded its Kickstarter campaign weeks ahead of schedule and hopes to have the products begin shipping and delivering by the end of 2016.
These crowdfunding gadgets are designed to make lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. They just go to show the leaps being made in social connectivity and ingenuity.