Go Back to the Future with Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes

TechGo Back to the Future with Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes

Go Back to the Future with Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes

Want to channel your inner Marty McFly and head back to the future?

This could be your chance! Nike is getting ready to launch its self-lacing sneakers, the Nike Mag, which are inspired by the classic movie Back to the Future Part II. The only catch? You have to win the shoes, not buy them, and only a limited number are available.

Futuristic Footwear

The movie scene with Michael J. Fox is iconic: In the year 2015, a young Marty McFly, sent from the 1980s, puts his feet in white high-top Nike sneakers and the laces automatically tighten around his feet, perfect for walking. The limited edition Nike Mags are nearly exact replicas of the shoes from the film, complete with futuristic colors and a sleek design. Users can even turn on decorative lights along the shoes’ straps. And although the shoes don’t lace up quite as quickly as they did in the movie, designers did everything to preserve an identical aesthetic from the shoes in the movie.
The new version of the Nike Mag has “adaptive fit” technology that automatically tightens and loosens the laces using a sensor in the heel or with the push of a button. The technology was first designed as a movie prop, but it has taken more than 20 years for designers and engineers to create shoes that actually work in real life. Nike previously released replica “self-lacing” shoes in 2011, but they required wearers to stand on a board so people could pull a cable underneath the board to lace the shoes. Working Nike Mags were first shown in 2015, but it has taken time to produce enough shoes and to fine-tune the technology.

In the end, it actually takes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to power the laces. LED lights in the heel of the shoe light up when the laces are tightening or when the battery is low and also add a colorful, space-age effect. You’ll have the charge the shoes, but a three-hour charge should last for around two weeks.

HyperAdapt Hits Shelves

If you can’t get your hands on the limited edition version, Nike is also putting self-lacing technology in its new HyperAdapt sneakers, which hit a limited number of stores on November 28. Though they have similar features to the Nike Mag, these sneakers will be slightly more widely available, but they won’t come cheap—although Nike hasn’t announced the price tag, analysts are assuming it will be on the high side.
Like the Nike Mag, HyperAdapt shoes have an internal cable system with a pressure sensor in the sole. The cables tighten based on an algorithmic pressure equation sensed when you put your foot in the shoe. Using a button near the tongue, users can adjust the pressure for a comfortable fit. Based on customer feedback, Nike may end up adding the feature to more sneakers.

Enter to Win

There are only 89 pairs of the Nike Mag in production available in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes, which means your chances of getting a pair are extremely slim. Residents of the United States and Canada can purchase tickets to enter the drawing for $10 each (plus a $1 handling fee) with no limit to how many tickets you purchase. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales go straight to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is working to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Go here to purchase tickets for your chance to win until October 11.
Real-life Nike Mags are sure to fulfill the pop culture dreams of any child of the 80s. And with the more widespread HyperAdapt, we may end up in a futuristic movie world after all.