How Far Will Virtual Reality Take Us?

TechHow Far Will Virtual Reality Take Us?

How Far Will Virtual Reality Take Us?

If there’s a generation that should be thankful for having lived, it’s our own. We are literally at the cross roads of two worlds: the old world where computers were once strange, and the new one where computers will permeate every aspect of life. The incoming news of successes in virtual reality is an immense addition to this already exploding technological wave.
Virtual reality is an invention that promises to transform humans. It is a technology that literally asks you, “Where do you want to go?” The sun is no longer unapproachable; all the planets are at your arms’ reach; do you want to visit heaven or hell? All you need is a virtual reality gear and the appropriate software for the experience you want. Most importantly, here are the major areas of your life that VR is redefining soon:

Virtual Reality – Gaming on Steroids

Gamers are benefiting most from the initial developments in VR. It might be of interest to know that the notion of virtual reality has mainly been pushed forward by PC game fans; Oculus VR, a company that sells low cost, Windows OS-compatible VR kits, obtained most of its initial research finances through crowd funding. Game enthusiasts played a major role in this.
The Oculus kit allows the player to interact closely with the computer through voice and body movements. Assuming you are playing a driving game, once you take the driver’s seat and wear the VR, everything else ceases to exist. All you can see is a great stretch of road ahead of you. When you turn to look around, there is nothing but the inside of the vehicle, and maybe trees racing past the windows.

Experiencing Movies – not Just Watching Them

If you have ever tried out brain manipulation tests, you realize that everything you see or hear around you isn’t necessarily what it is. It’s all in the mind. VR technology takes advantage of this fact to give you a memorable experience with movies.
Have you ever watched a movie and felt extremely attached to its characters? Try remembering any enticing scenery that you saw in a movie: it might have been in space, under the sea, or in a lush environment- and you wished you were there personally to experience it all. Well, Virtual reality can take you there.

VR Socializing – Experiencing Things Together

The era of talking to the person at the other end of the world through the screen is will be done away with soon. New virtual reality will change the way you interact on social media. Developers are working on apps that will enable you to communicate side by side with friends, no matter where they are.
How will this work? It starts with your friends sharing scans of their bodies. The computer then processes these and produces a virtual copy of each person. You can then hang out with your friend online just like you would do so physically.
But future VR’s will be more complex. They will not only interpret emotions, facial expressions, and body gestures of each participant, but will also let people interact in imaginary environments: in the café, in a park, on top of Mount Everest… How would it feel playing hide and seek with your buddies in the middle of a thick forest? Everything is possible in virtual settings.

Virtual Reality Bolstering Medical Procedures & Exercise

Surgery will be much easier when the medical field adopts VR technology. If a physician can operate first on virtual copies of the patient, he or she will be able to minimize mistakes when working on the real person.
Contrary to the notion that future technology will make people lazier and increase obesity, VR will actually be a good source of exercise. Many people who have exercised with treadmills for a long time admit that it becomes boring to run in one room: you never experience anything new – everything you saw while “running” yesterday is what you will see tomorrow and on all the other daysdays to come.
But VR can change that. All that one will need is a VR headset; once they step on the treadmill, they might run across all the streets of New York City if they wish. Moreover, when using VR gears, especially in gaming, users are advised to keep moving around to avoid motion sickness. There is no better way to have entertainment, exercise, and socialization- all packed in one gadget.