Apple iPhone 8: Is it What We Expected?

TechApple iPhone 8: Is it What We Expected?

Apple iPhone 8: Is it What We Expected?

Photos of the iPhone 8, sure to be one of the year’s hottest tech products, were recently leaked, and the features or lack of features were a surprise to some tech experts and users. Is the phone everything we expected? Let’s take a look at some of the leaked features.

Physical Appearance

The leaked photos show a phone that seems to have edge-to-edge display and no home button, which is what experts have been predicting for months. Taking out the physical home button allows Apple to stretch the glass screen for the entire front of the phone without a bezel, maximizing screen size and quality.
Although not confirmed by the photos, the premium iPhone 8 model is expected to have a 5.8-inch, curved OLED display. The thickness is expected to be the same as the current iPhone 7 model, at 7.1 mm.
The side of the phone has volume buttons and a mute control, while the other side has a power button that appears to be slightly longer than the power button on older iPhone models. Below the power button is the SIM tray, just as it is on the current iPhone model.


Older models of the iPhone have sensors and front-facing camera easily seen on the front of the phone. However, the leaked photos don’t appear to have any signs of a front-facing camera sensor, suggesting that the front-facing camera is integrated into the display.
The making of iPhone 8
The back of the phone has a dual camera setup with two lenses installed vertically instead of horizontally. The possibility of the vertical dual-lens feature has been discussed for the last few months, with some ideas that Apple has tested multiple prototypes that feature various iterations of the camera. According to Bloomberg, Apple has yet to decide on the final design, meaning that the version in the leaked photos might not actually be what comes to market.

Touch ID Sensor

The biggest reveal from the leaked photos comes with the fingerprint scanner, but it has caused some controversy and confusion. Some experts have predicted that the Touch ID sensor, which has typically been on the home button in older models, would be placed on the back of the phone.
However, the leaked photos don’t show any signs of that, causing some users to question where the Touch ID will be located. However, other leaked photos of the phone’s schematics show that the Touch ID sensor and fingerprint scanner is indeed on the back of the phone, which most experts believe is more realistic than Apple incorporating the sensor into the screen’s display.
how will iPhone 8 improve
Of all of the features that have come out of the leaked photos, moving the fingerprint scanner has brought the biggest backlash from the Apple community. Most users pointed out the impracticality of a rear Touch ID sensor, especially for users who are in the habit of having it conveniently located on the front of the phone.
Some users predict that the scanner’s location will be uncomfortable and difficult for users to reach, especially with one hand. However, other users are staying optimistic, especially if moving the sensor means the phone can have a larger screen.
As with all of its new products, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything based on the leaked photos and will likely keep the final features a secret until the phone is officially announced later this year. We’ll have to wait and see if the leaked photos match what is actually featured on the hot new iPhone.