Apple: iPad Pro and iPhone 8 Rumors

TechApple: iPad Pro and iPhone 8 Rumors

Apple: iPad Pro and iPhone 8 Rumors

Rumors always swirl around Apple products before they are announced, and two devices Apple is expected to release soon are no exception. As Apple fans gear up for the release of the new iPad Pro and the anticipated announcement of the iPhone 8, speculation about their features abounds.

True Tone

Many reports are suggesting that Apple will announce three new iPhones in September 2017, all with a major screen advancement—True Tone. True Tone automatically adjusts white balance on the phone or tablet’s screen based on the ambient light around them. The idea is that the colors on the screen will then stay as close to their true shade as possible. Users in warmly lit rooms could see the device adjust the amount of orange on the screen, while phones in dark spaces could add brightness.
True Tone is a nice characteristic for novice iPhone users, but it is incredibly important for people who use their phones to take photos or shoot video and need to know how an image really looks. Aside from True Tone, there are also rumors that the new phone will feature edge-to-edge OLED display to maximize viewing.

No Home Button

After removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, Apple is once again removing more traditional features from the iPhone 8, which will be the 10th anniversary iPhone. Multiple reports suggest that the phone won’t have Apple’s traditional home button, and that instead users will use a Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is integrated with the glass body. Removing the home button should also allow the phone to be slimmer and provides Apple with more flexibility to produce the phone in a variety of screen sizes.
iPhone 8 case

Laptop Replacement

Apple is already marketing its new 9.7-inch iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, even before the iPad Pro 2 is expected to be released later this year. In a series of commercials, Apple pokes fun at laptops and showcases how the tablet can overcome issues like heavy weight and bad battery life.
Priced at just $479, the iPad Pro is a cheaper alternative to many laptops, and, when combined with a keyboard, can do many of the same things as a traditional laptop without the extra bulk. The revamped iPad Pro replaces the iPad Air and features a magnetic Apple Pencil, smart connector, and a variety of screen sizes. Just like customers are used to having options in laptops, they will also have options when it comes to a new iPad Pro.


Even before the new products have been announced, Apple is already receiving criticism. Apple has long had a cult following, with customers lining up for days in anticipation of new products and purchasing every new item even with flaws.
However, Apple has received increased criticism lately for taking advantage of its rabid supporters and sacrificing quality for fame. The iPad Pro, for example, is designed in a way that makes DIY repairs nearly impossible due to the adhesive that attaches the screen to the processor that make it very likely the screen would get cracked during a repair. That means that customers have to take their devices to Apple stores and pay for repairs instead of trying to do it themselves.
As the company prepares for new products, many in the industry are calling on the company to change its production processes to better meet customer needs, but Apple has yet to respond. Customers will have to wait until new products are released to see if the criticism is warranted.
Apple products seem to always capture the attention of the mobile world, and the anticipated iPhone 8 and new iPad Pro are no exception. With new features and potential new uses, the devices could change how we work and communicate.