Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Resigns

PoliticsTrump’s Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Resigns

Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Resigns

Kirstjen Nielsen, infamously known for her strict regulations on immigration and separating families has resigned. Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Resigned earlier this week and finished her job on Wednesday, April 10th.
The Democratic Party expressed a relief as it was criticizing for months the separations of thousands of South American immigrants and the emprisonnement of thousands of children, including infants.
While the U.S media shared their analysis on Nielsen’s professional future, a big farewell party was organized for her on Wednesday, April 10th at the US Department of Homeland Security’s new headquarters, which used to be a psychic ward.

A grim term

What will the public opinion remember from Nielsen’s term? According to Quartz, the number of children who died in custody while being separated from their parents: they were too.

According to NY Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kirstjen Nielsen oversaw one of the largest-scale human rights violations in recent history.”, she said.
The New York Times went even further and published an op-ed called “Cancel Kirstjen Nielsen”, condemning the politician’s responsibility in destroying thousands of family. The sub-headline read: “Her role in terrorizing children should make her a permanent pariah.”

As a matter of fact, Nielsen did put new borns in prison, causing severe PTSD to many of the children and, last but not least, lied to Congres when she was ordered to explain her actions.
More than 2,500 children were separated from their families. Only after an international outrage, Donald Trump stopped the policy; however, it might take until 2022 for all families to be reunited.
According to the New York Times, her resignation was long awaited but took time to process, as Nielsen was  aware how “awful life would/will be for her on the outside”.

The new policy might be tougher

However, her being thanked by the White House does not mean that tough policies will not be applied. As it turns out, it might get even worse, as CBS pointed out.

“Members in Congress and within the agency look at this turmoil with a growing sense of alarm”, analyzed a reporter from CBS on Wednesday.
The country’s unity might even be at stake, as the United States are facing a historical moment of division. Donald Trump, the President himself, criticized the Democratic party in a very unusual tweet for a President.
According to NBC News, the policy of separating families could resume soon. A senior administration official confirmed that the White House approved of the policy, confirming that it was a very effective policy to “deter asylium-seekers”.
However, as Donald Trump ended the policy itself after an international outcry, he would have to reverse his decision – which can be legally done in a few days time.

Nielsen might be jobless for a while

Earlier this week, a petition was circulating online to ask big corporations to forbid Nielsen to have a job. The Atlantic wrote a long feature on how she face difficulties to join private companies, as trust in her has plummeted throughout the months.
“She’s going to have a real challenge getting on boards”, shared a Republican operative to the online media.
This only confirms that the attachment to the Trump administration might a crucial turn off for many companies, as the immigration policies have been closer to the alt-right as Trump’s term went by.
“Family separations make her completely and totally unhirable,” one former senior White House official told The Atlantic. “I mean, major companies will face employee or shareholder protests over hiring any high-profile Trump person. But for someone who oversaw that debacle, holy crap—it’d be insane.” 
On Wednesday, a party of 200 people gathered for a farewell party at the US Department of Homeland Security’s new headquarters, which used to be a psychic ward, located in Washington DC.