Together We Can: Alvexo was a Gold Sponsor for Special Olympics Cyprus

LifeTogether We Can: Alvexo was a Gold Sponsor for Special Olympics Cyprus

Together We Can: Alvexo was a Gold Sponsor for Special Olympics Cyprus

Special Olympics is an international organization aimed at celebrating the human spirit and creating the best sports environment for people with intellectual disabilities. Alvexo is an international brokerage and investment company aimed at creating the best environment for financial trading. Together, they are a powerful force for good in the community, and things are about to get even better: Alvexo was a gold sponsor for Special Olympics Cyprus.

Together We Can

Through the partnership, Alvexo has become a 2016-2017 Gold Sponsor for Special Olympics Cyprus, which was the highest level of sponsorship. The company provided financial support to the Special Olympics, as well as offered dozens of Alvexo employees as volunteers throughout the year to support various aspects of the games. The company’s donation has largely go to supporting the athletes and providing them with proper equipment, facilities, and training, all of which were very needed by the organization.
“We are delighted to be able to partner with Special Olympics Cyprus,” said Yael Kleinman, managing director of VPR Safe Financial Group LTD, the owner and operator of Alvexo. “We are looking for a true cooperation for the benefits of athletes with intellectual disabilities.”
Around the world, millions of volunteers, donors, and coaches help make the programs possible. Special Olympics depends largely on corporate sponsorships for funds to operate. It is through donations large and small that the organization has the funds to offer programs to children around the world free of charge. Alvexo’s monetary donation, combined with its pledge for employees to serve as volunteers, was vital to Special Olympics Cyprus success in continuing its inspiring mission.
Winners at the Special Olympics

Make the Impossible

Nothing has ever held the Special Olympics organization back from success, including odds that may have seemed impossible. The program was started in 1962 when Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw that children with intellectual disabilities didn’t have a place to play or participate in sports. Knowing the value of physical activity to all children, regardless of disability, she established a day camp at her home to give children with disabilities an opportunity to be involved and grow emotionally and physically. The camp ran every summer for years before the program gained traction within the U.S. government and started to grow slowly around the country.
In 1968, 1,500 Special Olympics athletes from the U.S. and Canada gathered in Chicago for the first international Special Olympics summer games; in 1977, the first winter games were held.
Special Olympics Cyprus Team
In the years since, Special Olympics has grown into a global powerhouse for good. The program spans nearly 170 countries and involves 3.5 million athletes and partners. Programs are offered for athletes age 8 and up who have intellectual disabilities. Athletes can choose from 32 Olympic sports, ranging from basketball and golf to snowboarding and track and field.
Aside from the physical benefits, participants also gain confidence, build friendships, and improve their self-esteem. For many young people with disabilities, Special Olympics is a jumping off point and the catalyst for a confident and prepared life. Many participants never thought they would have a chance to join a sports program, and Special Olympics changes that by opening doors and making things that seem impossible an everyday reality.
Alvexo’s sponsorship of Special Olympics Cyprus will allow the program to grow regionally and will be an incredible boon to the athletes, their families, and coaches. Through strong corporate partnerships, Special Olympics can continue its legacy of strength and inclusion, and Alvexo will be right alongside to say “Together We Can.”
For more information about this exciting new partnership, view the PR announcement here.