NeuroVibran: The Genius Pill

LifeNeuroVibran: The Genius Pill

NeuroVibran: The Genius Pill

Are you reaching your full potential? If scientists are correct, you’re not even close. It turns out that most people only use 12% of their brain’s full potential. But what if you could tap into the rest of your brain while increasing energy and boosting your mental capabilities? A single pill of the future might be able to do all that.

“Genius Pills”

Often referred to as the “genius pill,” NeuroVibran is still somewhat a mystery. The idea behind the pill is to take advantage of all the unused brain power to harness it and drive cognitive thought. The manufacturers claim that taking a single pill a day can increase memory, focus, concentration, and motivation by altering the brain’s neurochemicals naturally. The main ingredient, phosphatidylserine, builds neural connections and new brain cells to maximize what the brain can do.
NeuroVibran first came to market in 2014 after it survived clinical trials and showed no side effects. However, it soon came under criticism for giving people an unfair advantage and was banned from college campuses and TV quiz shows. Others claimed the pill was much too powerful to be available without a prescription. Surrounded by controversy, the makers of NeuroVibran stopped production.
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However, the pill came back on the market this month after three years of litigation and additional clinical studies reaffirmed its safety, and it is already making waves around the world. Many people have referred to it as a replacement for Adderall, and it can once again be purchased online without a prescription—making it an increasingly common experiment in brain power.
Use of NeuroVibran has grown in everyone from college students to professional athletes, tech moguls, and Wall Street investors. These users have simply added the pill to their everyday routine to enhance their cognitive ability and increase their productivity.

Growth of Nootropics

NeuroVibran is just one example of the growing field of nootropics. These pills are typically available over the counter and are used to boost the brain’s natural capacity without side effects or the risk of becoming addicted. They started with simple pills like fish oil and creatine and have grown into a much larger industry with many more options.
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Most pills feature mostly natural ingredients or unique compounds of chemicals. Nootropics are often taken as a combination of chemicals and pills, so the hardest part can be finding the right combination to maximize your brain’s potential. Nootropics aren’t designed to give users an instant boost of genius, but rather to slowly and incrementally increase the brain’s ability to optimize it to reach its full potential.
However, because nootropics are different based on each user’s neurochemistry, mood, sleep patterns, genes, and more, the pills can act differently on one person than on another. Because there are so many factors involved, it is difficult to actually know the science behind the pills. Adding to the problem is the fact that most studies are done on older people or people with existing neurological issues, when the target user of nootropics are young professionals who likely respond differently.
Nootropics are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but perhaps nowhere more than in Silicon Valley, where countless tech moguls and entrepreneurs rely on their pills to get though the day and move them towards success.
Nootropics and NeuroVibran showcase the pills of the future and could make it possible for people around the world to optimize their brain’s natural abilities into something much greater.