Tony Blair Gives Official Confirmation of Brexit Reversal Plans

PoliticsTony Blair Gives Official Confirmation of Brexit Reversal Plans

Tony Blair Gives Official Confirmation of Brexit Reversal Plans

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has confirmed that he intends to pursue a strategy to reverse Brexit. Blair believes British voters deserve a second referendum to let them change their mind if they wish to now that new facts are available.

Facts Change, So Can Minds

“When the facts change, people are entitled to change their mind,” said Blair in an interview with BBC Radio 4. The facts to which Blair was referring include the “£350m per week for the NHS” promise which has now been shown to be false. Blair feels that the country is seeing a “national tragedy” in the “crumbling of the National Health Service (NHS). He believes it has become “very clear” that the promise made in the Vote Leave campaign with regards to boosted NHS spending will not be fulfilled.
Blair consistently has been a vocal opponent to Brexit. However, this latest mission represents his most specific and direct effort to bring it to a halt. In fact, his response when asked if his goal was to stop the U.K. from leaving the European Union, his answer was “Yes, exactly so.”

Has the Damage Been Done?

In the interview, Blair said he believed that when Great Britain sees how the new relationship with the European Union will look, it will become evident that “it’s either going to be something that does profound damage to the country, or alternatively, having left the European Union, left the single market, we will try and by some means recreate the benefit of that in some new relationship, in which case I think many people will think, ‘What’s the point?’”
He in no way felt that he was in defiance of the will of the people by trying to stop Brexit before it happens. The reason is that Blair feels a second referendum would reveal that the people will have changed their mind with the new and evolved circumstances. Therefore, he would not be opposing the will of the people but revealing that in this new situation, for instance, the NHS funding, the will of the people is not what it was when they voted to leave the European Union.