New UK Anti-Brexit Party Launching with French Assistance

BrexitNew UK Anti-Brexit Party Launching with French Assistance

New UK Anti-Brexit Party Launching with French Assistance

A new anti-Brexit political party is moving toward launch after having been inspired by En Marche. 
French President Emmanuel Macron’s movement inspired the party which is also supported by his MPs in France.

The Goal: Stop Brexit

The Renew party had kept its existence well hidden in the U.K. until very recently when word started to spread in France. It was there that some of the En Marche party’s MPs began proving support and advice to those who wanted to form the new party. Renew will officially launch next week, said a report on France Info radio. However, the official website is already up and running.
That official website describes three main priorities for the Renew party as being: a renewal of the economy, a reduction in inequality and a reversal of Brexit. The party has created its own slogan already, which is “People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope.”

The French Connection

MP Amélie de Montchalin from France and a member of Macron’s La République En Marche party, is among the French MPs who have lent their assistance to Renew.

“One year ago France was like the UK and the US, looking for hope because it was feeling in despair. I think today in Britain you can look at the future with hope and I think Renew is a movement you can embrace,” explained Montchalin in a video shared on the party’s official website.

The London Meeting

A meeting was recently held in London, in which there were 222 names announced for parliamentary election candidates. The goal is to raise that number to 650 once the party has officially launched.
Reps from En Marche were reported to have been at the meeting in order to advise those present regarding the tactics required for the successful introduction of a brand new political party into mainstream politics. Renew is hoping to replicate the type of success En Marche achieved in attracting people from the public who have never before played any part in politics.
“Four months ago I was an economist working for a financial company in Paris, now I am a member of the French parliament. If this happened in France it can happen in Britain too,” stated Montchalin.