Merkel Prefers New Elections over Minority Government

PoliticsMerkel Prefers New Elections over Minority Government

Merkel Prefers New Elections over Minority Government

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently stated that she is sceptical about trying to run the country with a minority government. Merkel is calling for parties to begin new efforts to move forward after the coalition talks fell apart.

Will Germans Be Voting Again Soon?

Merkel has already found herself at the head of three different coalitions since she first became chancellor in 2005. Now, she has stated that she is “very sceptical” about taking charge of a minority government and has indicated that she would take her position as a candidate in a new round of elections if they should be called in 2018.
She spoke to the ARD public broadcaster, calling herself “a woman who has responsibility and is prepared to take responsibility in the future.”
Recent talks with the intention to design the next German government fell apart at the start of the week when the Free Democratic Party (FDP), a pro-business party, walked out of the lengthy negotiations with the Christian Democrats (Merkel’s party), the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the Green party.

The President was Seeking a Fresh Coalition Government.

After meeting with Merkel, the German president had previously encouraged political parties to attempt to return to efforts to form a government coalition. “I expect the parties to make the formation of a new government possible in the foreseeable future,” said Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The president also said that the parties held a responsibility that “cannot be simply given back to the voters.”
The German elections in September handed first place to Merkel’s bloc poll. However, she lost a considerable amount of her previous share of the vote. This left her with only the FDP and the Green party as potential partners in coalition.

Now that the talks to create that coalition have crumbled and as suggestions of a new election grow, the British government’s Brexit uncertainty will grow along with it. The U.K. had been depending on a strong German coalition government that would include the FDP in the hopes of making the next stage of negotiations easier.
France is also set to suffer from leadership struggles in Berlin as French President Emmanuel Macron had linked his intentions to reform the eurozone with a strong German government.