London Rises to the Top and U.K. Loses Ground as Desirable Place to Work

BrexitLondon Rises to the Top and U.K. Loses Ground as Desirable Place...

London Rises to the Top and U.K. Loses Ground as Desirable Place to Work

London was voted the most desirable city on the planet as a place to work, in a global survey.
The United Kingdom, on the other hand, feel in the rankings when compared to previous years.

A Global Shift

London has moved to the top spot among cities the world finds to be an appealing place to work. Approximately 366,000 overseas workers participating in a global survey called London the most desirable place for them to be employed. This took London beyond New York City, Berlin and Barcelona, the second, third, and fourth place holders, respectively.
On the other hand, the United Kingdom as a whole dropped down the rankings. It had previously held second place, but has tumbled to become the fifth most desirable country for overseas workers to be employed. The survey was conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Totaljobs.

Great Countries for Work

The United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia all have higher ranks than the United Kingdom in terms of appeal for overseas workers. The English-speaking Commonwealth countries where residents were most likely to want to move to the U.K. for work included Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana and Nigeria. Participants in each of those countries rated the U.K. as the most desirable place to move to work.
That said, residents of E.U. countries, the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), and China were less likely to want to move to the U.K. as a place to work. This indicates that Brexit and recent related events in the country have reduced the United Kingdom’s appeal in those regions of the world.
Survey participants from the E.U., the U.A.E., and China were more likely to prefer the U.S., Australia, Germany or Canada as an appealing place to move to work.

Looking Beyond the U.K.

Residents of the United Kingdom have been increasingly looking elsewhere to work. Since 2014, the proportion of U.K. citizens interested in moving abroad to work has spiked by 14 percent. In 2014, 44 percent said they’d be willing to move to another country to work. Now, 62 percent have said they would do so.