Italian Election Results Leave Hung Parliament Behind

PoliticsItalian Election Results Leave Hung Parliament Behind

Italian Election Results Leave Hung Parliament Behind

Few actually predicted the outcome of the Italian elections, but many now say it makes sense.
The situation in Italy is hardly unique to that country as other countries have been setting the trend.

The Signs Were There

When looking throughout the European Union member countries, a trend has been forming since France made Emmanuel Macron its president. From that point, Brussels has been watching populist politicians losing their positions across the countries. Marine Le Pen did not capture the presidency in France and soon afterward the Freedom Party failed to take Austria. Geert Wilders lost in the Netherlands and the trend continues.
The common strategy among the winners is a type of formula that has become quite popular among voters. It hones in on the main concerns of voters, whether it be employment, migration or another topic. From there, the politician assuages the fears by promising that s/he is listening.
This strategy allowed the three frontrunners to split the vote to the point that none of them ended up with a majority.

Hung Parliament

As a result of the lack of majority, Italy is faced with a hung parliament. No single party has been brought to power. Neither the Chamber of Deputies nor the Senate – houses of equal power in Italy – have a clear majority. Instead, they are both split among the Centre-Right, Centre-Left and the Five Star Movement.

That said, while there were no clear winners, it was evident that two former prime ministers of Italy were definitely feeling the loss. Both Silvio Berluschoni and Matteo Renzi were among the biggest losers in this election as voters decided to cast their ballots in favor of anti-establishment parties.

Coalition Government

The goal now will be for parties to come together to form a coalition government in order to create a majority power within the houses. The question remains as to which parties will manage to be able to come up with a coalition within the two government houses.
Political experts have already been coming up with their own speculations. That said, the result of the election has been sending shockwaves through the country and to Brussels so far. There’s nothing to say that it won’t continue to surprise.