Brussels Gives UK One Day to Settle Its Brexit Position

BrexitBrussels Gives UK One Day to Settle Its Brexit Position

Brussels Gives UK One Day to Settle Its Brexit Position

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May says a deal is possible, but Great Britain can’t be permanently blocked.
The European Union has given the United Kingdom one day to decide on its Brexit position.

Theresa May’s Decision to “Disengage”

Brussels has given Great Britain one day to decide on its Brexit position before the E.U. will choose its response to Prime Minister Theresa May’s dramatic choice to “disengage” from negotiations. Last weekend’s Brexit talks fell apart when May dispatched her Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab to Brussels.
The intention was to underscore the U.K.’s unwillingness to sign up for a “backstop” plan in order to keep a hard Irish border from occurring. May spoke before the House of Commons at the start of the week, saying that neither London nor Brussels would let their lack of agreement to “derail the prospects of a good deal and leave us with a ‘no-deal’ outcome that no one wants.”

An “Achievable” Deal

According to the Prime Minister, reaching a Brexit deal between the U.K. and the E.U. is still “achievable.” In fact, she said the two sides were “not far apart.” On Tuesday, Prime Minister May is set to convene a cabinet meeting.

“We decided to let a day pass to see what happens in London,” explained a senior E.U. diplomat as quoted by the Financial Times. E.U. deputy chief negotiator Sabine Weyland told the EU27 diplomats that Brussels was giving the U.K. time so that the Prime Minister would be able to see if she could drum up her top ministers’ support along with her Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party (D.U.P.) allies for an exit deal.

Threats of Resignations

Some of the cabinet ministers with Eurosceptic Conservative leanings have threatened their resignations unless the European Union agrees to create “temporary” E.U./U.K. customs union end dates are put into place. That is a portion of the backstop to which the P.M. referred.
Despite the Prime Minister’s optimism, her critics aren’t as convinced that the U.K. is on the brink of a deal with the E.U. In fact, D.U.P. Brexit spokesperson, Sammy Wilson, claims a no-deal Brexit is probably inevitable.” The reason he feels this way is because of the “intransigence” of Brussels’ negotiators.