Will May 22nd Become Brexit D-Day?

BusinessWill May 22nd Become Brexit D-Day?

Will May 22nd Become Brexit D-Day?

While today was supposed to make the first day of the Brexit’s era, MPs have managed to postpone the date.
These past few days have been quite eventful, as Theresa May has announced she would resigned, while former London’s Mayor and pro-Brexit politician Boris Johnson is hoping to take her seat.
In the meantime, capitals are fleeing the British capital, scared of an uncertain future. According to the the BBC, MPs have been told they face their “last opportunity”.
In an unprecedented diplomatic situation, it seems that United Kingdom is more isolated than ever. A potential extension until May 22nd will require a positive vote from each and every 27 countries in the European Union. At the moment, it remains unclear who will encourage it.

What needs to be clarified

In order to proceed to a final Brexit agreement in the House of Commons, the MPs need to all agree on details of the United Kingdom’s £39bn financial settlement with the European Union, statuses of European citizens in the United Kingdom, as well as British citizen leaving in countries of the European Union, details of the “transition period” that would probably last util the end of next year.
Last but not least, as the BBC highlights it, MPs would have to find a solution regarding customs at the Irish border “in the event no UK-EU trade deal is enforced”. 
Tonight, “Attorney General Geoffrey Cox told MPs the deal must be approved by 23:00 GMT if the UK wants to “secure our legal right” to an extension to Brexit.”
Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer told the BBC Today: “Take the political declaration off and it is completely blind – you have no idea what you are really voting for.”
For some experts, the silver lining is that the British Prime Minister has managed to do one thing: unite the country against her.

Has Theresa May united Brexit?

According to a column published in the daily newspaper The Economist, “Remainers and Leavers are as divided as ever, but agree that the government has made a mess of things”.
As a matter of fact it seems that Brexit is more and more confusing for everyone as time goes by. Last Thursday, more than a million people marched in the streets of London to demand a new referendum.
Online, a petition to revoke Article 50 became the most signed petition on the Internet ever with more than six million signatures.
As the anti-Brexit becomes an opportunity for all sorts, a new political party has just launched.

Will “Change UK” save the country?

While the United Kingdom has become the fool of Europe, ambitious British politicians have started seeing the situation as an opportunity.
Former conservative MP Heidi Allen saw this as a hug step-up in his career and has decided to lead the party, after a gathering of several person from the Independent Group (TIG), a cross-party bloc of anti-Brexit MPs.
TIG did apply for the European elections in case the United Kingdom would still be part of the European Union in May.
However, this could only be possible if the United Kingdom gets allowed by all 27 European countries to extend its stay in the union. The vote should happen within a few weeks.