Will Elon Musk leave Tesla?

BusinessWill Elon Musk leave Tesla?

Will Elon Musk leave Tesla?

Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur and founder of Tesla, has shown signs of suicidal behavior, reports stated. A few days ago, he confirmed these tendencies in an exclusive New York Times interview.
This news shook his investors to the core, a few days only after Musk tweeted his wish for Tesla to go private.
A few weeks ago, nightmarish quaterly results were announced. Tesla’s official response was to boast about the sales in California for Q2, skyrocketing +140%.

A series of scandals

On Tuesday, Elon Musk announced that he was about to delete his Instagram account… on Twitter. “Instagram is so thirsty, yet gives you Death by Water”, he wrote, referring to a poetry called ‘Death By Water’.
A few hours earlier, rapper Azelia Banks wrote on Instagram that Musk’s staff stole her smartphone. According to several sources, the rapper stayed at one of Musk’s properties in Los Angeles, where she eavesdropped business meetings and repeated some confidential information about Tesla to her surrounding, Musk’s entourage said.
The unpredictable behavior of Musk has already been highlighted earlier this year, when he accused one of the soccer team rescuers in Thailand to be a “pedophile”.

A shocking truth

This Azelia’s episode only adds up to an already very intense week for Musk. As a matter of fact, he already shared in the New York Times his fragile mental health. “This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career. It was excruciating”, he said.
He also expressed the concern of his friends and said that several of them visited him for the past weeks, as they were getting more worried. Regarding his mental health he said, “it is not great”.
The reason? A burnout, but mostly an over-consumption of Ambien, a powerful sleeping pill whom secondary effets were brought to light by several American media, including the New York Times.
As a result of this interview, Elon Musk has put the reputation of his company at stake. This interview was published a few days only after he announced on Twitter that he wanted to privatize Tesla, generating a wave of panic in Wall Street. According to several analysts, the board is likely to start making decisions on his behalf from now on.

Will Musk leave Tesla ?

How can Elon Musk possibly get rid of all these scandals and go back to having business as usual? For experts, there is no alternative route: he must leave.
According to our fellow reporters Radio Canada, one of his key investors, Scott Stringer, stressed that it was about time to review board members. According to this businessman, five of its members are ‘close friends’ and have ‘personal relations’ with Musk.
On the other hand, some investors have purely and simply demanded Elon Musk to step down.
Tesla has not commented yet on this week’s storm and just commented on the increase of sales in California, while sales are plummeting, a few months after a massive restructuration, leaving thousands unemployed.