Elon Musk’s Empire Shoots for the Stars

BusinessElon Musk's Empire Shoots for the Stars

Elon Musk’s Empire Shoots for the Stars

South Africa born billionaire Elon Musk said it himself: One person with a vision (and help) can change history.”
From the launch of Paypal, one of the first digital payment services in the world to full-electric vehicles Tesla and his success with SpaceX, Elon Musk has recently made History after his company launched two NASA astronauts into orbit.  
Largely exposed in the media for his strong language, the charismatic new father has just revealed some exciting news: while other shares plummeted because of the COVID-19 crisis Tesla shares have soared.  

Tesla shares have risen beyond expectations

2020 seems to be exceptionally good for Elon Musk. Not only has he welcomed his seventh child this year, but the South African engineer and entrepreneur has shared that Tesla’s Tesla stocks have soared by 100% since the beginning of the year.
It has soared by 50% year on year, from $185 to $900 a share now.

Tesla has benefited from great sales results, as well as Elon Musk confirming the company will apply to generate electricity in the United Kingdom.
Musk is aiming to sell his “Powerball”, a sun-generated battery that can make a house self-sufficient all year long. 
At the moment, the device costs several thousands of dollars and requires a set of solar panels. However, since green energy shift has become inevitable, Musk’s invention might become very popular – if approved by the British Gas and Electricity Markets Authority.  

Musk makes a new space milestone

Just like in science fiction movies, Elon Musk is like a modern version of Leonardo Da Vinci: he seems to be on the forefront of all major innovations in our modern times. 
On top of being one of the founders of Paypal, Musk managed to launch two astronauts into space, a world first for a private company, in partnership with NASA.

On of this, SpaceX’ Starlink programme has launched 60 satellites on 4 June, and the FCC has given permission for the company to launch another 12,000 total in a near future. 
Elon Musk said SpaceX will not be publicly traded until it can successfully do trips to Mars.  

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Tesla Stocks Could Reach $1,500

Many experts have stressed traders to invest in Tesla shares, as some reports predict a share price as high as $1,500.
According to Investopedia, there are three reasons to firmly believe Tesla’ share will strongly soar in the upcoming months. First, 2020 Q1 overachieved investors’ expectations, since margin and free cash “rose in the first quarter, despite stiff headwinds. Second, the order book held the highest ever backlog at the end of March, with deliveries lagging due to the shutdowns.”
Last but not least, California quickly allowed Tesla’s factory in Fremont to reopen since Tesla orders have dramatically increased, while he initially ”threatened to shut down operations and move to the Midwest”. 
Since Musk shared on his Twitter account, it now takes less than five minutes to order a Tesla car online, it seems that 2020 second semester might be even brighter for the South African born tech pioneer.