Is Amazon Bookstore: “The Future of Retail”

BusinessIs Amazon Bookstore: "The Future of Retail"

Is Amazon Bookstore: “The Future of Retail”

Amazon is a US-based ecommerce and cloud computing company. began as an online bookstore and later branched out to sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video downloads, MP3 streaming, downloadable audiobook, software, video games, devices, clothing, fixtures, foodstuff, toys and trinkets. is the world’s largest retail website.

The Amazon Effect to Electronic Commerce

In the past two decades, Amazon has become the trendsetter in ecommerce being the leading, fastest and most ground-breaking force. The limitless browsing in the universe of merchandise and purchasing items directly from the comfort of one’s home has been started by the online superstore Amazon.

Amazon, Big Data and the Thriving Ecommerce

Believe it or not, Amazon has ranked number one in consumer search engines, such as Google, and other retail websites. A skyrocketing number of consumers now go directly to Amazon’s site. One of the factors that made it successful is its big data. It has risen in global commerce by turning their huge amount of customer data into smart data. Its operation is especially designed at making the shoppers feel that the online store is their side road in their search of most apt items, ideal cost and efficient delivery method. It became the world’s largest electronic commerce search engine by leveraging its data for customer satisfaction. The data was used to tie together collective consciousness and determine the individual buyer’s requirements, requests and reluctance’s.

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon has divulged its forthcoming Prime Air in Yahoo News. The drone-based delivery system can carry 5-pound packages over 10 miles in 30 minutes! How is that to you? It is said to be the future delivery service that will get shipments to patrons within 30 minutes of them ordering it at Sounds fresh and unique? Well Amazon has big hopes that the novelty of Prime Air will soon diminish and that it would be as ordinary as seeing a delivery truck driving down the highway. However, Amazon still gave no hint about when or where its Prime Air would be first used.

The Amazon Bookstore in Seattle

Amazon is trying to strap up online and offline in a whole new way. It’s now establishing land-based industry with its Amazon Books Store in Seattle. This is a very big turning point for Amazon, just like a plot twist. The rise of ebooks were a main cause behind the downfall of some of the world’s leading bookstore chains. But now, Amazon recognizes the public’s longing for the shopping experience, the bookseller’s commendations and even the thinking processes that take place in a book store. Most importantly, the ebooks are now experiencing a dramatic collapse because more and more readers are becoming in favor of physical books.

Amazon for better or worse?

The Amazon Prime Air for instance, has safety issues and still needs to demonstrate that it’s danger-free. It seems to pose risk for the urban airspace to become flooded with buzzing drones. Also, it would still need approval from USA’s Federal Aviation Administration and Civil Aviation Authority in UK.
On the other hand, Amazon’s bookstore in Seattle manifests that they really know how their customers think. Well, credit definitely goes to their expert interpretations of big data algorithms. Amazon remains highly competent in global commerce. It firmly holds onto structure and customer information along with inspiration and some coincidence.
What’s the bottom line? For sure, there are big challenges ahead of Amazon’s Prime Air operation. But with Amazon’s great optimism and integrity, it would prove to the world that they continually innovate with its diversified business areas. It is getting better with its modernization efforts, yes there are challenges, but it is confident to survive.

Factors that might affect Amazon’s earnings

The new product launches and international expansion, as well as tax and operating margins are the main factors that can possibly affect the earnings of Amazon.
Amazon has produced a number of ventures into hardware and entertainment facilities. The new plans may not have a quantifiable influence on the company’s remunerations in the short-term. However, they could become major engines for forthcoming sales of Amazon store merchandises. Also, the other expansion area for Amazon would be the international markets. It has doubled down on its investment in India’s young e-commerce.
Amazon has already agreed to start paying local taxes in European dominions including Britain, Germany, Ireland, and Spain, It is anticipated to have some indirect effects that would possibly complicate operations for Amazon in Europe, its second-biggest market after the U.S.
Amazon greatly values innovation. It has tried out a wide variety of merchandises, services, and transport mechanisms. But it remains consistent with its focus on enhancing the company’s operating margins. It has been perceived as a charitable business being controlled by rudiments of the investment community for the consumer’s benefits.