Alvexo’s Foray into French and Arabic

BusinessAlvexo’s Foray into French and Arabic

Alvexo’s Foray into French and Arabic

Forex is truly an industry, investment instrument and sector that has no borders. Modern forex platforms strive to provide equal service to clients in each language, and Alvexo is no exception.

We are now proud to offer Alvexo in French

Due to our desire to serve forex traders regardless of geographical boundaries as well as popular demand, we are now proud to offer Alvexo in French. The advantages of being an Alvexo member will be available in the same capacity as for our customers elsewhere in the world. We have enlisted French analysts, brokers, and client support to ensure this. Our platform is also certified by the Banque de France. Ideally, our clients from France will feel like their forex experience was built for them first.
Our vision is for Alvexo clients around the world to have unlimited and parallel access to the many benefits available to members of other languages. These include the Trading Academy, professional markets analysis and reports, news from around the globe and signals that alert traders of opportunities in a punctual manner. Combined, these make for a trading environment more advantageous than other platforms.

Alvexo will be available in Arabic

Very soon, Alvexo will be available in Arabic as well. Like for France and the UK, the Arabic platform will be built from the ground up with the desires of this particular market in mind. Islamic traders will have Islamic accounts that are 100% halal and compatible with Shariah law.
It has been a long journey to fully evolve the comprehensive Alvexo experience into just three languages. For more information on the French version of Alvexo visit our social media pages, or call one of our French brokers and sign up today. For news on Arabic, please feel free to call as well and our Arabic brokers will answer any concerns that you may have.
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