Alvexo Seminars Around the World

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Alvexo Seminars Around the World

Alvexo, a leading global investment firm, recently held seminars in London, Paris, and Singapore aimed at training a new generation of traders in the best strategies, practices, and partnerships available to keep them competitive and successful.

Keynote Speaker in Singapore

The speaker in Singapore was Desmond Leong, whose specialty is performing advanced technical analysis for the financial world, including the Elliott Wave theory, fractal analysis, and chaos theory for the biggest banks, hedge funds, and asset management companies.

By forecasting key inflection points in different markets, Desmond is able to build complex strategies of how to profit from the markets in tandem.

Desmond focuses mainly on forex and fixed income but is also very knowledgeable about classes including indices and commodities, which has proven very helpful to his full understanding of global market outlook.

The Keynote Speakers in London

The keynote speaker in London was Andi Demi, the head trader for the London Trading Group who manages a team of traders and handles a multi-million pound portfolio. He joined the industry in 2001 and has immersed himself in markets with work at JP Morgan, Schroders, and Barclays Global Investors. This has provided him with decades of experience trading equities, futures, and FX markets.

Andi is also experienced in mentoring and teaching students and traders. Andi has academic experience in economics, international securities, investment, and banking. His expertise is in technical analysis, and he is known for having a deep understanding of macro factors that influence markets.

FX trader and fundamental analyst Henry Green also addressed the London seminar group. Henry started trading his personal funds while attending university and spent the time growing and honing his trading skills through seminars, exhibitions, and lectures on a wide variety of financial topics and issues.

After receiving a degree in real estate, Henry continued his interest in technical analysis and continued to regularly produce positive monthly returns in an effort towards an upward progression curve. Henry’s professional success is tied in large part to his disciplined lifestyle.

He applies the same principles to trading that he does to training for a triathlon, including structure and rules, which help him succeed against the markets and against the racing competition.

Paris Keynote Speaker

In Paris, the seminar was addressed by Pascal Trichet, who has been trading since 1981. He became an independent trader in 2000 and works in a variety of markets and indices, including forex, futures, and options.

Pascal coaches individuals and businesses in trading, especially with what to do when a trade doesn’t succeed. He has earned numerous awards for his trading and coaching.

The Paris crowd also heard by Benjamin Mauger, trading manager at Paris-based Trade Me Away. Benjamin teaches fundamental analysis and technical analysis and is an expert in quantitative methods. He has taught individuals and organizations around the world about various trading outlets and strategies.

Alvexo Seminar in Paris 2016


Seminar Tops and Activities

All three seminars covered a wide variety of topics and lasted an entire day. In London, participants started with an introduction to Alvexo, then went deeper into learning about how to build a technical approach to trading and mastering the psychology of trading.

In the afternoon, topics included how to work with money and risk management when trading forex and how to create a systematic and strategic approach to trading. The day concluded with a current market view providing live currency analysis, a final word by speaker Andi Demi, and Alvexo’s final trading platform.

In Singapore, the schedule was equally packed and designed to provide participants with a wide range of knowledge and skills. The morning started with an introduction to Alvexo and The Forex Army and how the partnership can elevate profitable forex trading.

Alvexo Seminar in Singapore 2016

Sessions also included insight from a broker into why nearly all traders keep losing money and a comprehensive plan to solve problems with years of research.

After lunch, participants learned about The TFA Sniper, a unique trading software that allows users to view nine time frames of information as they trade with advanced auto trading, Fibonacci levels, and a built-in trade manager.

Topics included secret methods to using the software, as well as strategies of how to put together proprietary knowledge to create the best possible trades. Teams were then able to get together to put their skills and plans into action to create a strategy and routine that would move them forward.

They also installed TFA Sniper and learned to track their progress. The day closed with expectations of what will come with the partnership between Alvexo and the TFA Sniper.

In Paris, participants learned about various prospects for 2017, especially after a rollercoaster 2016. There were also sessions on various strategies and index methods, as well as deeper looks into different forms of analyses and various markets. Aside from the two keynote speakers, the event concluded with a question and answer session with Alvexo, allowing participants to get a fuller understanding of the investment world.

The Alvexo seminars highlight a new wave in trading, especially with the partnership with The Forex Army and the new software it brings. With regular training from the best in the business, Alvexo continues to lead the way in an ever-changing trading environment.