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Alvexo Goes Mobile

Trade Wherever You Are

The world of global finance gets more volatile and shifts exponentially faster by the day. Each snippet of news has broad implications that spread in a butterfly-effect complex of waves through multiple assets, and it’s impossible to trade effectively by putting off your investment decisions to those quiet moments at home after a lengthy day, relaxing by your home computer, catching up on personal emails and watching the latest episode of your favorite TV program.
Luckily, today’s mobile devices – smart phones and tablets – are just as capable of accessing financial markets to an extent that is no less effective than a multiple-screen, high speed broker’s terminal. The news follows you via tweets and web-news notifications – so can your trading account.
Alvexo’s new Mobile Trader offers all of the functions of our WebTrader and a hefty portion of the capabilities of the industry-standard MT4. You get access to your account history, your open trades, indicators, charting tools and up-to-the-minute prices.
Alvexo’s new mobile website is just as functional. Clean, clear and easy to use, it is currently available (in its mobile form) in English, with additional languages soon to go online.

Alvexo Mobile Site Features

The easily accessible main menu opens along a sidebar, to conveniently send you to the Trading Academy, Market Updates and Economic Calendar, the Accounts page (which includes an accounts generator) and a description of the various platforms available.
The main page offers a set of trading opportunities and quick reference to Alvexo’s excellently compiled daily analysis, market trends and weekly reports, plus a comprehensive set of contact options. This includes dropdown menus of emails and contact numbers, each dialed with the touch of a finger.
Go to Market Updates and you will find a depth and breadth of information to satisfy the demands of the most demanding technical and fundamental traders, including current trends, forecasts and even a weekly news video, attractively presented and concisely informative.
Alvexo has not skimped on security in either the trading app (downloadable for Android and iOS, phones and tablets) or the mobile site. All information and transactions are 128-bit RapidSSL encrypted, and the sites themselves use the HTTPS protocol to ensure reader and information protection.
In short, there is now a safe and easy way of keeping up with your investments, no matter where you are, no matter when. With the information provided on its website and the 100% functionality of its mobile trader, Alvexo lands investors directly in the heart of the world of financial investments, and enables retail investors to stay in touch and stay ahead of global markets.